Harvard Dance Center Building Study Complete

Casey Hughes Architects in collaboration with Evangelos Kotsioris and Marcela Delgado presented their study of the Harvard Dance Center to it’s director Jill Johnson and her colleagues.


The study documented the existing building and proposed a phased plan for its renovation. The first phase of the plan, which focuses on the building’s street identity, the entry terrace and the lobby is currently under review by the director of the Harvard Office for the Arts.

The project is expected to begin this summer.

Final Review For Casey’s Architecture Studio At The Harvard Graduate School Of Design

Congratulations to the students for creating compelling designs that prompted such an interesting discussion!


Today was the final review for the second project in Casey’s Architecture design studio in the Career Discovery program at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Special thanks Mariela Alvarez Toro, Day Jimenez, Christopher Roach, Marta Ricart, Sandra Martinez Herrera, and all of the other critics for the insightful conversation.