Casey Hughes Architects
  • Coffee table designed by CSH.
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  • IMG_1708
    Alder Residence
  • Current version of the project.
    Ave 46 Residence
  • Beethoven Studio - View of the artist's studio from the garden.
    Beethoven Studio
  • View of model.
    Broad Museum
  • IMG_9589
    Camero Residence
  • View of kitchen with built-in desk. Photo by Jessica Holmes.
    Campbell Residence
  • Coldwater Studio - North facade of the studio. Photos by Nicole Katz of Eighth Veil.
    Coldwater Studio
  • Cream Cookie - Mirrored ice cream counter.
    Cream Cookie
  • Photograph of model showing the addition's connection to the backyard.
    Egan Residence
  • View of the upper portion of the installation. See "Press" for Lian Chang's write-up of Flatland on Archinect.
    Flatland Installation
  • View of cabin under construction. Pictures of the bathhouse and deck to follow.
    Fraser Cabin
  • Water is applied to the exterior netting creating an ice shell exterior that insulates and block the wind.
    Ice Hut
  • A model of the studio with a portion of the existing house in the foreground.
    La Cuesta Studio
  • Limacon_Pavilion_Image_1
    Limaçon Pavilion
  • Lookout Mountain Residence - Wood clad volumes bookend the social space that runs the entire length of the house.
    Lookout Mountain Residence
  • Los Angeles and the High Speed Rail Megaregion 2017-2050t
    Los Angeles Passenger Rail
  • Due to its remoteness, the site is accessed by plane. The perforations in glacial surface are the first indication of the cave below.
    Lyceum Competition
  • Isometric view of the northwest corner of the residence. The project was divided into quadrants to reduce the  perceived scale of the building.
    Norwich Residence
  • OddLots_4
    Odd Lots
  • Cafe_1
    PPC Salon & Cafe
  • War Room model showing bookshelf.
    Prologue Office
  • Concept image of the German National Gallery reimagined as a tree house.
    Pulse Records Tree House
  • Shurkin Residence- View of the light-well and wood-clad cabinetry "core". Photo by Patrick Fraser.
    Shurkin Residence
  • View of the standing seam metal exterior.
    Shurkin Addition
  • Residence faces the pool and view.
    Silvers Residence
  • In the expanded arrangement the internal area is maximized while creating enclosure.
    Sukkah City Competition
  • A 1950's image of the Type 702 Residence by A. Quincy Jones.
    Type 702 Addition
  • The screen's color is revealed when viewed obliquely.
    Valentine’s Gallery
  • Isometric views of projected vaults.
    Vault Projection
  • View of the Vector Knot installation in the American Institute of Architects Gallery, New Orleans.
    Vector Knot
  • Model showing internal planted “mountain” that connects the church with the High Line park.
    Wheels of Heaven
  • View of the covered porch.
    Writer’s Studio