Casey Hughes Architects
Beethoven Studio

  • View of the artist's studio from the garden.
  • West Los Angeles, California.
  • This project converts an existing accessory building into a guestroom and creates a new artist studio.
    The existing building has been reengineered to allow for the removal of the horizontal tie beams. This creates an uninterrupted vaulted space that greatly increases the interior volume without altering the exterior envelope.
    Within the guestroom a new bathroom was added. The rough treatment on the exterior of this bathroom volume creates a contrast with the other lighter and more refined materials of the project. The interior of the bathroom is clad with hexagonal tile throughout, creating a continuous surface between the floor and walls. The new studio was added to the rear of the guesthouse. Sliding windows wrap the corner of the new studio allowing it to open to the garden beyond.
  • View of the sliding window and door assembly.
  • The bathroom volume is finished in the same rough stucco as the building's exterior.
  • View of the built-in bookshelf.
  • View of the bathroom with the wall-mounted vanity and curbless shower.
  • View of the kitchenette and french doors.
  • Ground floor plan of the studio.
  • Enlarged wall section through the studio and recreation room.
  • Details.