Casey Hughes Architects
La Cuesta Studio

  • A model of the studio with a portion of the existing house in the foreground.
  • Hollywood, California.
  • The La Cuesta accessory building was commissioned by the owner of a production company who required a private office space to work from home as well as a space adjacent to the pool for entertaining. The building’s form is a response to the confined site and the strict zoning laws of the neighborhood.

    The ground floor has a large expanse of sliding doors that open the space up to the pool area creating a space that is ideal for enjoying Southern California’s mild climate. The second-floor windows and balcony are positioned to maximize the spectacular view of downtown Los Angeles that is visible over the existing house.

    The building’s parking is accessed directly from the street, eliminating the need for the existing driveway. This allows for the building to be moved closer to the property line, better utilizing the available area and allowing the building to create privacy from the street and neighbors. The screened exterior gives the building a sense of transparency, relating it to the existing trees that surround it.
  • A model with portion of the existing house in the left of the image.
  • The next six diagrams explain how the studio was derived.
  • The second floor was added to accommodate existing trees.
  • The building conforms to property line and existing deck.
  • The covered connection emphasizes entrance to existing house.
  • The second-floor windows are positioned to accentuate the view over existing house.
  • The building creates privacy from the street and neighboring buildings.
  • Ground floor plan.
  • Second floor plan.
  • Section.