Casey Hughes Architects
Mind The Gap- Advanced Architecture Studio

The studio Casey taught this summer at the Boston Architecture College finished last week to great success! It was a pleasure working with the students throughout the semester!

Below is a excerpt our studio brief:

“What we are witnessing is a shift in the traditional relationship between reality and representation. We no longer progress from model to reality, but from model to model while acknowledging that both models are, in fact, real. As a result me way work in a very productive manner with the reality experienced as a conglomeration of models. Rather than seeing models and reality as polarizing modes, they now function at the same level. Models have become co‐producers of reality.”
“Models are Real”
– Olafur Eliasson

Models are useful because they organize information (ie: program, space, structure, material etc.) in a tangible way, but by definition models aren’t literally what they represent. Rather than seeing this discrepancy as a deficiency, it can be heightened to expose a project’s underlying concepts and experience. Regardless of the degree of abstraction, models themselves remain equally real, thus creating the potential to convey abstract concepts viscerally within the three dimensional space.

This studio will focus on exploiting this gap between a model and its subject. It is through this divergence that models become open, signifying more than what is represented. This method cultivates opportunities for chance, play, surprise, mistake, etc. allowing the modeling process to become inseparable from the development of an architectural idea.

V2 of the studio begin this Fall with a whole new crop of students…