Casey Hughes Architects
Shurkin Addition

  • View of the standing seam metal exterior. The next step is to install the deck and garden.
  • Valley Village, Los Angeles.
  • The Shurkin project is a home for a young music industry couple and their two small children in the Studio City neighborhood of Los Angeles. The project was designed to be built in two phases so that the house could grow with the family.

    A 300-square-foot master suite was added in the second phase of the project. The bedroom was conceived as an interdependent volume acting as a sanctuary that still maintains a connection to the rest of the house. The bedroom is focused inwardly on a private glazed shade garden and up toward the sky through two 17’ tall light wells. The natural light that fills the spaces creates a sense of calm and reprieve. One light well faces north, gathering soft light throughout the day, while the other faces west to catch the evening light. The shade garden between the addition and house, is a large terrarium that animates the bedroom with color and life.

    The exterior of the addition is almost entirely clad in standing seam metal panels that accentuate its monolithic form. Viewed from the east, the addition appears to have been split diagonally at the roof, creating a dramatic valley. Viewed from other angles the building has entirely different massing, giving the addition a dynamic presence in the rear yard. The master bathroom is coveted in inexpensive tile in a bold pattern that was created by pixilating an image of a Sol LeWitt painting.
  • Oliver playing in the master bedroom.
  • View of the master bathroom.
  • Oiled Mangaris rolling gate at the street.
  • The following three images show the steps in the design process.
  • Step 1: A private garden court is inserted between the existing house and the addition.
  • Step 2: A light scoop is raised to catch the reflected northern light.
  • Step 3: A second west facing lightwell catches evening light and bounces it into the room.
  • Plan showing the existing Shurkin residence (right) which was completed in phase I and the addition (left).
  • Section through addition looking towards the existing house.
  • Isometric drawing showing primary framing.
  • View of the addition from the garden showing the metal standing seam facade.
  • View of garden court between house and addition.
  • Massing studies.