Casey Hughes Architects
Type 702 Addition

  • A 1950's image of the Type 702 Residence by A. Quincy Jones.
  • West Los Angeles, California.
  • This project is a renovation and addition to a home (called “Type 702”) designed by the renowned modernist architect A. Quincy Jones. The residence was dedicated a Historic Cultural Monument by the Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Commission.

    The house, located in Crestwood Hills, Los Angeles, is part of a modernist housing community established by the Mutual Housing Association in 1950. Type 702 house has many Jones’ signature elements, such as post and beam construction, an open plan, and a strong connection between the interior spaces and the surrounding landscape. Unfortunately, these qualities had been obscured through multiple ill-conceived renovations.
    Our renovation restores the original house and adds a contemporary addition. This addition accentuates the positive aspects of the historic residence while updating it to the current owners' lifestyle.
  • A 1950 image of the site from the Getty Research Institute archive. The Type 702 Residence to the far right of the image.
  • Landscaping elements.
  • A 1950's image looking from the study bedroom to the living room.
  • A 1950's image of the (tiny) master bedroom.
  • Rendering showing the addition (left) to the existing residence (right).
  • View of the addition to the residence.
  • Ground floor plan of the residence. The footprint of the original residence is shaded.