Casey Hughes Architects
Wheels of Heaven

  • Model showing internal planted “mountain” that connects the church with the High Line park.
  • New York, New York.
  • Shape is all the geometrical information that remains when location, scale and rotational effects are filtered out from an object. - David George Kendall

    The objective of Michael Meredith's (MOS Architects) studio entitled “Mediums” was to investigate “medium specificity” in architecture. The studio’s basic premise was that “the problems of medium specificity can be addressed by exacerbating multiple medium specificities into impure, awkward, and paradoxical recombinations.” We were asked to select mediums that are seemingly incompatible and attempt to reconcile them in the design of a church sited at the southern end of the High Line Park in Manhattan. In this project, shape and logo are employed to create a scheme that is simultaneously figural and flat.
  • The point of departure for the project was a re-reading of Michael Meredith's "Medium Specificity".
  • Explanatory diagrams- based upon Michael Meredith's "Medium Specificity" chart.
  • Diagrams explaining the building’s basic unit.
  • 2d > 3d
  • Study models.
  • Isometric drawing showing the building's connection to the High Line Park.
  • View of model from above.
  • Plans.
  • Animation stills.